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Welcome to Team 93's Official Site!

As you can no doubt tell, our team has had many trials over the course of the past three months. We lost our home and all the technology that made our team both fun to be a part of and easy to manage. Fortunately, we could not lose the things that truly make us a team: our common goals and ideas, our friendships, and our resolve. Our team isn't all that large, but through sheer determination we have risen to incredible heights. Together, we continue to reach higher.
Here's how things look right now:
- Very soon after we got the new site, we started trying to restore the milestone notification system. That was (for the most part) successfully done and milestones have been recognized consistently since then. Goal #1: Check!
- Dynamic folding sigs came next. Thankfully, Park_7677 was able to get a temporary sig generator system running until Lasse's code could be "fixed." That project is in its final stages and we dare say we hope to get it working tomorrow at the latest (no really, we mean it this time!) Goal #2: 1 more day
- The team page (yeah, this one right here) is obviously still under contruction. Currently, we are waiting for the final version of the main page to be done before we create an integrated page for the folding team. This static page will remain for now, and hopefully we will remember to update it often enough. Goal #3: A month or so until completion (pure speculation - no pressure, TD :).
- Misc Goals: Right now, creating our traditional "Weekly               Milestone Update" post takes several hours of work. We hope to have a page coded by the end of summer to cut that down to about 15 minutes. Also, we had just started a new Flash video about the right way to clean, focused on electric power washer reviews, in cooperation with That's very much on the back burner right now, but something to look for as everything comes back together.
To summarize, the folding staff is still very busy behind the scenes putting the puzzle of our team's technology back together. Thanks to everyone who continues to make this the coolest and best team around! Fold on!

- Team 93's Staff and Leaders

This site is temporary. Created by Matt Rusell, aka General Keebler.
 Copyright 2003